2015 Nobel Prize Winner Tu You You for her discovery of Artemisinin as an alternative malaria treatment to the standard chloroquine, which was quickly losing ground in the 1960s due to increasingly drug-resistance
2015 Nobel Prize Winner Tu You You, awarded for her discovery of Artemisinin as an alternative to chloroquine, a standard Malaria treatment, which was quickly losing efficacy in the 1960s due to increasing drug-resistance

Qi+Tonic is excited to trial TCM Clinical Registry which aims to improve patient’s clinical outcomes by collecting de-identified data on treatments supporting academic research and evidence based acupuncture in Australia.

Wendy is studying for her Master of Chinese Medicine at Western Sydney University keeping up to date with research on the medical conditions and medications of her clients. You have the opportunity to be one of Wendy’s case studies for her research on acupuncture and cancer treatment.

Examples of published clinical studies evaluating acupuncture include:

Acupuncture Evidence Project

Peripheral Neuropathy

Ansomia (loss of smell)

Familial Mediterranean Fever

Syringomyelia with Back and Shoulder Pain

Wendy Hee’s essays during Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Master of Chinese Medicine studies include:

Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Chronic Foot Pain

GB34 Yanglingquan Hui Meeting Point

Knee Pain Bi Syndrome