Wendy Hee attends Port Macquarie Clinical Society education events with GPs and other allied health professionals. Wendy’s postgraduate Continued Professional Development (CPD) include:



  • Studying for Master of Chinese Medicine at Western Sydney University with distinctions for Classical Acupuncture, Evidence based Acupuncture, Musculoskeletal Health, Clinical Oncology and Introduction to Epidemiology
  • 2023 RMIT Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum all day Webinar
  • Dementia Awareness Forum Wauchope by Dementia Friendly Port Macquarie
  • St Johns Ambulance: Recognise and respond to crisis situations
  • 2023 AACMA Researchers all day Webinar
  • Osteoporosis: Healthy North Coast Primary Health Network
  • 2023 AACMAC Gold Coast 50th conference 3 days
  • Simon Blow Qigong Masterclass: Restoring Natural Harmony
  • Mould – a Health Hazard with Dr Cameron Jones of “The Mould Show” podcast and Luke Meadows from ENVSolutions
  • Social Prescribing with Feros Care “Healthy Me Healthy Community” and Victoria Sullivan from Healthy Connections Mendip UK
  • Long Covid with Dr Steven Faux, Director of the Rehabilitation Unit and Associate Professor Anthony Byrne, Respiratory Physician, St Vincent’s Hospital Long Covid Clinic
  • Studying for Master of Chinese Medicine at Western Sydney University – Women’s Health in Chinese Medicine and Introduction to Epidemiology
  • AACMA Beyond Blue Webinar
  • QualiPHI Private Health Insurance Course
  • Are you listening? seeing your blind spots: Dr Sean Walsh
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine v Western Medicine: Dr Xiaoshu Zhu
  • Simon Blow Qigong Masterclass: Wudang Longevity and Sitting Ba Duan Jin
  • AACMAC Gold Coast Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine conference 3 days
  • Port Macquarie Clinical Society: Managing Chronic Pain, Understanding NDIS, Interdisciplinary Communications
  • Men who use Violence and Accidental Counsellor training with Lifeline Port Macquarie
  • Simon Blow Qigong Masterclass: Absorbing the Essence
  • Comprehensive Pain Management: Master Tung’s Acupuncture, Herbs & Bloodletting workshops with Henry McCann
  • Putting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into practice with Pain Australia/University of Sydney for 8 weeks x 1.5 hours
  • Preventing & managing Pneumothorax in acupuncture practice with Stephen Janz
  • Explore & Restore the Pelvic Floor workshop with Lisa Fitzpatrick at Yoga Shala
  • Domestic and Family Violence Alert training with Lifeline Port Macquarie
  • Medical Administration Skills with TAFE NSW
  • Simon Blow Qigong Masterclass: 6 Healing Sounds and 8 Brocades
  • AACMAC Melbourne Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine 3 day conference
  • Use of Classical Herbal Formulas for Cancer Management with Henry Liang
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture workshops with Radha Thambirajah
  • Nurturing Life (pregnancy, post natal care) workshops with Debra Betts and Sabine Wilms