By the 7th century, over 16,000 herbal formulas were recorded in clinical use contributing to a long history of observational medicine which continues today. Qi+Tonic stocks a range of formulas available to you only through qualified registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Using Chinese Herbal Medicine requires a clinical diagnosis (includes pulse taking and tongue observation) by a qualified registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Your prescription is individualised and we can advise on contraindications to your current medications or supplements. Most importantly, we monitor your treatment outcomes then can adapt the formulas and dosages accordingly as your symptoms improve.

Examples of traditional herbal formulas stocked by Qi+Tonic include:

Yin Qiao Wan (Lonicera & Forsythia formula) for cold with sore throat symptoms

Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan (Ginseng &  Ziziphus formula) to calm insomnia and anxiety symptoms

Tao Hong Si Wu Wan (Persica, Carthamus and Angelica formula) for menstrual pain symptoms

Xuan Bi Tang (Stephania and Atractylodis formula) for inflammatory joint pain